Product Update Dynamic NFTs

Learn how dynamic NFTs foster deeper connections, enhance customer loyalty, and create unforgettable experiences.

In today's digital era, a regular loyalty program just won't cut it anymore. With Mojito's membership and loyalty offering, your brand can now personalize, engage, and reward customers in ways that are truly exciting. It's time to connect with your community in a whole new way, boost customer lifetime value, strengthen that sense of belonging, and even add some fun gamification to your current rewards setup!

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But what does this mean for your brand?

Onchain Loyalty Points:

Simplify your web3 rewards program by giving out membership passes that update loyalty points automatically whenever customers engage with your brand or redeem rewards. The added bonus? The evolving NFT artwork highlights tiers, fueling engagement!

Personalized Token-Gating:

Provide customized experiences and rewards based on thorough engagement data from web2 and web3. By utilizing this data, you can restrict access to websites, apps, games, and events to pleasantly surprise and delight your members.


Sell access passes with automatic expiration dates based on metadata. Passes can be kept after expiration for limited community space access or re-entry discounts, or offer a subscription fee or extension of the expiration date to retain access to members-only spaces.

Physical x Digital Enhancements:

Use NFC technology to combine physical experiences with digital ecosystems through "proof of proximity" engagement campaigns. This delightful user experience allows for NFC-enabled spaces, objects, and garments to be used with digital reward schemes, enhancing real-world engagement.

Gamify and Engage your Audience:

Our platform offers seamless integration with existing systems through APIs and SDKs, allowing for easy access and utilization of loyalty program insights and analytics. Mojito's user-friendly web 2.5 wallet provides consumers with activity feeds, loyalty point tracking, and an engaging rewards UI, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for anyone.

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Product Update Earned NFTs

Earned NFTs: Powering community engagement and revenue growth, as proven by the Tampa Bay Rays and Rowdies partnership.

Curious to know how Mojito enables brands to increase engagement with earned NFTs? Dive in below to learn about our recent collaboration!

The Tampa Bay Rays and their affiliate soccer team the Tampa Bay Rowdies partnered with Mojito to improve community engagement, increase revenue, and foster a stronger sense of community with season-ticket members via an earned ‘digital fan pass’. The project offers free NFTs for season ticket members, which can be used to get discounts in the stadium all season long.

We are happy to announce that our product delivers valuable insights into the drop and has achieved impressive results:

💻 Analyze data to measure the success of onboarding members to web3, increasing sales, and generating excitement for season ticket holders.

🔐 Incentivize engagement by offering private showings for away games and other local rewards to NFT holders.

🤝 High participation, with 60% of members claiming their free NFT.

💰 A net increase of over 500 unique transactions at 10 different stands during the first half of the season.

📈 Boosted revenue from in-stadium sales of food, beverages, and merchandise.

Mojito is designed so any brand can effortlessly launch a Free Earned NFT drop for your community using our no-code templates. Or use our powerful SDK & APIs to build your own custom Earned NFT experience.