Customer Intelligence

Improve your understanding of sales, trends customers

Ease of Use

You can access everything via the no-code Mojito Admin dashboard


    Use Mojito Data in your existing workflow and tools or work from inside Mojito.

    • Access and export in Mojito Admin
    • Pull data via API 
    • Push data into 3rd party tools for remarketing, intel, engagement
    • Push data via Webhook into 3rd party systems

    Secure & Configurable

    Mojito ensures a data privacy practice and workflow that your DPO/CISO can get behind.

    Built with you in mind

    Whether you are from Finance, Operations, Sales, Risk. This data is build to give you exactly what you need to solve your questions and give you back time.

    Mojito works with any wallet provider you choose or you can use our brandable MPC wallet.
    Checkout some of our preferred wallet partners below.