NFC Enablement

Turning Every Tap into a Trail of Engagement

Email Capture Ease

Seamlessly compliantly secure customer emails at every touchpoint. Our NFC-enabled contact cards streamline the email collection process, making follow-ups and re-engagement smoother than ever.

Contact Card Connectivity

Reignite the connection. With our NFC-enabled contact cards, capture emails and other key information seamlessly, paving the path for re-engagement campaigns that resonate.

Eventful Engagement

Transform events into digital data goldmines. Attendees can earn digital mementos on the spot, effortlessly providing their contact information in order to claim their attendee gift.

Interactive Merchandise

Turn merchandise into a digital connection. Our NFC chips allow for instant online registration, minting digital twins, and fostering a continuous engagement long after the physical interaction.

Mojito works with any wallet provider you choose or you can use our brandable MPC wallet.
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