Mint NFTs

Quickly & easily publish to the block chain with no-code


  • Limited or Open Edition
  • ERC 721 or 1155
  • Static or Dynamic NFTs
  • Store metadata on Areweave, IPFS, or centralize
  • Make available via multiple sale types
  • Reveal on demand, reveal on delivery, reveal right away (with option to accelerate from Mojito Admin)
  • Enforce Royalties
  • Extend Royalty Payments beyond 3 wallets

Public or Private Mint

Take control of the minting process by targeting a broad audience or creating scarcity by restricting accessibility.

Randomized or manual delivery

Controlling the distribution process

Bring SmartContracts & NFTs into Mojito

You can request permissions from NFT Owners to import contracts into Mojito, so that you can manage from the Mojito's Dashboard.