Mint NFTs

Quickly & easily publish to the block chain with no-code


  • Limited or Open Edition
  • ERC 721 or 1155
  • Static or Dynamic NFTs
  • Store metadata on Areweave, IPFS, or centralize
  • Make available via multiple sale types
  • Reveal on demand, reveal on delivery, reveal right away (with option to accelerate from Mojito Admin)
  • Enforce Royalties
  • Extend Royalty Payments beyond 3 wallets

Public or Private Mint

Take control of the minting process by targeting a broad audience or creating scarcity by restricting accessibility.

Randomized or manual delivery

Controlling the distribution process

Bring SmartContracts & NFTs into Mojito

You can request permissions from NFT Owners to import contracts into Mojito, so that you can manage from the Mojito's Dashboard.

Mojito works with any wallet provider you choose or you can use our brandable MPC wallet.
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