Dynamic NFTs

Create NFTs with properties/metadata/attributes that change based on user actions

Flexibility when you release an NFT

Add metadata later, update metadata, change information without having to remint.

Support different types of business cases

  1. Update metadata for customer profiling 
  2. Update NFT Art (this is also how you can upgrade someones membership status, for example from gold to platform ) 
  3. Redemption with a Dynamic NFT (claiming benefits, redemptions based on tokengates) 
  4. Evolve a membership
  5. Metadata can be updated to reflect real-world changes, making them ideal for tokenizing real-world assets and enabling in-game character progression.

Automated Evolution

Evolve over time based on predefined conditions or external data, enriching their utility and engagement over static NFTs, in a generative way


House "hidden traits" that are revealed through user interactions, allowing for a more engaging user experience.

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