Improve customer experience & intel

Event-based service (any user action) that allows you to execute code after a specific event has happened within Mojito’s application

Push data to a third party service

Update your CRM, remarketing system or  keep your customer journey updated

Trigger user event asynchronously based on action within the Mojito Application

  1. Push Notification
  2. Third Party App Update
  3. Update Metadata dynamically
  4. Update NFT Art dynamically

Adds a layer of flexibility

Another way of interacting with our application without using our APIs

Mojito becomes less of a blackbox

in a blackbox you send info and don’t see what comes out or what’s happening, but with Webhooks you see a lot more information

Mojito works with any wallet provider you choose or you can use our brandable MPC wallet.
Checkout some of our preferred wallet partners below.