Product Update Dynamic NFTs

August 18, 2023

In today's digital era, a regular loyalty program just won't cut it anymore. With Mojito's membership and loyalty offering, your brand can now personalize, engage, and reward customers in ways that are truly exciting. It's time to connect with your community in a whole new way, boost customer lifetime value, strengthen that sense of belonging, and even add some fun gamification to your current rewards setup!

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But what does this mean for your brand?

Onchain Loyalty Points:

Simplify your web3 rewards program by giving out membership passes that update loyalty points automatically whenever customers engage with your brand or redeem rewards. The added bonus? The evolving NFT artwork highlights tiers, fueling engagement!

Personalized Token-Gating:

Provide customized experiences and rewards based on thorough engagement data from web2 and web3. By utilizing this data, you can restrict access to websites, apps, games, and events to pleasantly surprise and delight your members.


Sell access passes with automatic expiration dates based on metadata. Passes can be kept after expiration for limited community space access or re-entry discounts, or offer a subscription fee or extension of the expiration date to retain access to members-only spaces.

Physical x Digital Enhancements:

Use NFC technology to combine physical experiences with digital ecosystems through "proof of proximity" engagement campaigns. This delightful user experience allows for NFC-enabled spaces, objects, and garments to be used with digital reward schemes, enhancing real-world engagement.

Gamify and Engage your Audience:

Our platform offers seamless integration with existing systems through APIs and SDKs, allowing for easy access and utilization of loyalty program insights and analytics. Mojito's user-friendly web 2.5 wallet provides consumers with activity feeds, loyalty point tracking, and an engaging rewards UI, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for anyone.

Ready to unlock the full potential of web3 consumer engagement?

Contact Mojito to find out how your brand can foster deeper connections, enhance customer loyalty, and create unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression.


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Who’s hungry for zero-party cookies?

July 12, 2024

Welcome to the future of personalized consumer data.

Camilla McFarland isn't just a crypto OG who's been making moves onchain since 2013; she's also an advisor and member of Mojito's founding team, who's long been at the forefront of brand innovation in web3. 

What better person to wax onchain poetic on the future of brands in web3 at one of the industry's largest global gatherings: EthCC? 

Following her talk last year on Big Brands & Web3: NFTs and the consumer brand revolution, Camilla took the stage this week in Brussels to drop some more alpha on brands making moves onchain in a new talk, Zero-Party Cookies: the future of personalized consumer data

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Use Case: Richie Hawtin & Proof-of-Attendance NFTs

July 9, 2024

Breaking down a different future for drops.

For techno icon Richie Hawtin, drops are about more than just bass.

As one of the most acclaimed artists in electronic music history, the Ontario, Canada-bred musician has long had an affinity for leveraging futuristic technologies to make processes more efficient and engaging.

“Music and technology have absolutely always been intertwined for me,” Hawtin said in a 2022 interview.

From soundtracking Prada fashion shows with mind-bending audio-visuals to creating his own mixer (and tech-indebted sake brand), Hawtin has always pushed the bar.

Since 2022, his journey as a musical technologist has included a growing affinity for web3 — more specifically, Proof-of-Attendance NFTs.

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How to Rewire Your Brain (and Brand Strategy) using Web3

July 9, 2024

From web3 data to web3 wallets - the only constant is change.

In technology, as in life, this one always hits. Whether it’s AI-powered smart pillows, a fully NFC-chipped wardrobe, or an entire generation spending their allowance on avatars, the future of engaging consumers is no longer about maybe leveraging next-generation technology — it’s a must.

Nonetheless, it’s not always easy to keep up when so much change is in the air. Sometimes, it even requires us to completely rewire our brains to make room for what we must understand to thrive as a brand. Rather than turn this into a game of Operation, let’s continue.

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