Better serve your digital customer with Mojito’s Whitelabel Secondary Web3 Marketplace

August 7, 2023

Own your entire user journey and unlock new revenue streams: Build a secondary market to connect your customers, reach new audiences, and strengthen loyalty and revenue.

Traditional consumer brands have rarely been able to play a role in the post-purchase product lifecycle. In the digital realm, the user journey begins at initial purchase, with the always-on marketplace of web3 digital products. Mojito’s Whitelabel Secondary Web3 Marketplace enables brands to curate and own that whole product lifecycle, whether customers are buying directly from the brand initially, or through each other in the post-purchase lifecycle. Accelerate your customer acquisition, decrease CAC, and increase revenue in an ever-growing Web3 market.

Mojito facilitates a seamless secondary market commerce experience with actions such as: 

  • Buy Now
  • Make Offer
  • Reject Offer
  • Send Counter Offer
  • Accept payments Credit Card, fiat-on-ramp and Crypto2
  • Enforced Royalties, royalty payment spliters & automated payouts 

Mojito empowers you to create a direct-to-consumer secondary marketplace, offering you custom-branding on top of a data/proven and trusted user journey that allows you to tell your story through the customer experience.

Royalty Enforced, everywhere

With Mojito, ROI is straightforward - you collect a percentage of profits via enforced royalties on all secondary sales, a feature often overlooked in many third-party marketplaces. By safeguarding your intellectual property's value, we boost customer retention and activation while adding a new passive revenue stream. Brands like Sotheby's have already experienced the potential of our Secondary Web3 Marketplace, achieving sell-out product drops upon release last week and seeing those same drops sell for multiples on Secondary Market. Their success underscores the opportunities for customer acquisition and marketplace vitality Mojito’s platform offers. 

For example: Sothebys, In the Sothebys Marketplace - powered by Mojito - there are Superrare tokens that were minted externally and Salgado tokens that Mojito minted. These Salgado token will have royalties to artist no matter what where it will get sold. On the other hand, these Superrare tokens, by default did not include royalty to artist, but because they are being sold on Secondary powered by Mojito, artist royalties are enforced. You can update this on the fly with the Mojito Admin dashboard and when a user buys superrare tokens inside the Sothebys Marketplace, like magic the artist gets their Royalty. 

Launch Fast No-Code Templates or Full UI/UX Customization 

Launching your marketplace is a breeze with Mojito. The no-code, themeable templates provide you a quick setup, while Mojitos UI SDK offers a more customized build. You can get your marketplace off the ground ~60% faster, creating an engaging space that drives customer loyalty and acquisition. Should you want full ability to manage front consumer experience, Mojito APIs and low level SDK get you closer to the meta while still offering you a buffet of functionality and features without having to build, secure and support. 

Fully Customizable: build a user journey that fits in to your brand

Brands of all kinds are going to be selling digital-only products, and the only way to do that in today's world and have your consumer actually own it, is with Web3. Mojito helps brands sell digital products via Web3 infrastructure. As consumers increasingly expect direct relationships with the brands they support, the importance of owning your consumer experience with your own branding and storytelling, beyond just the primary market is more important than ever before– you want your customers to land in a marketplace that’s branded with your name and security, not a third party marketplace where you have no visibility and control over your customer experience. Mojito's secondary marketplace solution will enable you to create more touch points with your community and own the customer experience thorough the entire customer journey.

As global consumer brands of all types continue to create digital product lines, the demand for a brand-specific secondary marketplace is growing. Mojito's solution is a logical choice to experiment with secondary marketplaces, creating more touch points for your brand-community interaction while owning the customer relationship. 

Data that works with your corporate data infrastructure, third party tools & reporting 

Reliable data generated with Mojito’s platform can be seamlessly made available to your analytics databases and third party tools to better understand your customers across various channels. Mojito enables you to add the data your customers generate into your existing ambitious customer retention, reengagement and retargeting programs. In cases where you need data related to transactions that happened with Mojito’s tech, Mojito’s reporting on both primary and secondary marketplace revenue makes it easier to keep track and measure your total ongoing digital product revenue, well after initial sale. This also gives support teams anything they need to troubleshoot. 

Enterprise Performane & Scalable 

Mojito is incredibly scalable and utilizes cloud infrastructure that auto scales relative to the load being placed on it. We’re happy to share load tests with our clients. We have a diverse set of offerings and are continuously adding to them. Our product roadmap is influenced by our clients and have a proven track record of delivering these at scale.

Secure, Compliant, Data Secure  

Mojito is Soc 2 Type 1 certified and is working towards its Type 2 certification. Our security program has been structured to comply with ISO27001 and expect to receive certification this year. Mojito is not subject to GDPR given our physical location and the limited data we collect, but we do abide by such laws and respond promptly to any requests related to third party data (also in compliance with CCPA standards). We have data retention, deletion, protection and recover policy as well as policies and procedures related to encryption.  We have an in-house General Counsel and dedicated CISO who oversee the data and security policies generally and all employees receive regular training on the subjects. We also seek advice of our experience external legal counsel (Latham & Watkins LLP) when appropriate.

Let's Chat

Choosing Mojito's Whitelabel Secondary Web3 Marketplace means investing in a secure, proven technology that boosts revenue, increases brand trust, and reduces operational complexity. Stay ahead of the curve, enhance your customer loyalty strategy, and tap into the vast potential of the Web3 era. 

Explore how Secondary Market can benefit your brand with one of our brand experts

1  Mojito must MINT the NFT to enforce royalties anywhere, for example Salgado.

2  Seller does not accept credit card natively, this is facilitated via our third party vandor which is effectively a crypto on ramp. 


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