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September 8, 2023

Mojito transforms consumer engagement by providing easy to use web3 solutions, and our new token-gate feature revolutionizes how brands interact with their audience. 

Read our blog to learn more about token gating.

Consumers own  tokens to unlock unique benefits. This feature empowers brands to offer exclusive content, rewards, interactions, and more . Token gating is a powerful way to grow your brand, build customer loyalty, and generate recurring revenue.

Mojito’s favorite reasons to implement a token-gating incentive include:  

  • Generate buzz and attract new customers: Token gating can create a sense of exclusivity, which can help to generate buzz and attract new customers. 
  • Build brand loyalty and engagement: Token gating can transform your consumers into dedicated community members. When customers collect and own a piece of your brand, that has token-gated value, they are more likely to become long-term buyers and engage with your brand on social media and other channels.
  • Build high-growth communities: Token gating can help to build high-growth communities around your brand. When super fans have a chance to buy into a private community, they help to build and grow the brand in ways never seen before.
  • Provide a more efficient system for selling and reselling event tickets: Token gating can provide a more efficient system for selling and reselling event tickets and other logistic-heavy customer experiences. For example, if your brand holds an important event, it can be made available only to token holders.
  • Add additional value to products: Token gating can add additional value to your products by giving customers exclusive benefits or access to exclusive content. This can help to differentiate your products from the competition and attract new customers.

Of course these are just a few of the many benefits of token gating. If you're looking for a way to grow your brand, build customer loyalty, and generate recurring revenue, token gating is a powerful tool that you should consider.

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Inside Mojito’s web3 partnership with Etihad Airways

June 4, 2024

How Etihad utilized Mojito's web3 portal and customizable APIs to get their latest NFT drop off the ground.

As the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways was launched just after the dawn of Y2K in 2003 following a royal decree issued by the late President, Sheikh Khalifa.

Founded with a vision to refine air travel through a new standard of luxury, its two-decade journey has transported passengers (and cargo) across North America, Asia, and, of course, the Middle East alongside forays into F1, soccer jerseys, stadiums, arenas, charitable organizations, and beyond.

All the while, they’ve continually raised the bar in luxury travel with such accolades as the sky’s first three-room suite, which is probably bigger than the NYC shoebox you spent the summer living in after college.

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A Web3 Interview with Mercedes-Benz NXT

May 24, 2024

Learn more about the Mojito-powered ‘Era of Technology’ NFT collection.

Our latest partnership with Mercedes-Benz NXT, the Mojito-powered ‘Era of Technology’ NFT collection, is officially live!

Launched on May 21, the 780 collectible drop is now on sale until May 28, and you can go mint an NFT from the collection at this link.  

ICYMI in last week’s blog: each collectible is on sale at 0.08 ETH, including collectors’ discounts, and you can pay via ETH or your credit card. 

The drop also features a slew of features built by our web3 studio at Mojito — including our APIs, SDKs, and white-labeled, on-demand wallet creation — which powered the sale mechanics (including a unique discount feature) and made it super easy for Mercedes-Benz NXT to get its collection into the hands (and wallets) of its community. 

To continue spreading the Mojito x Mercedes-BenZ NXT gospel, we spoke with Sebastian Ihler, Co-founder and Head of Product 0xNXT GmbH (Mercedes-Benz’s web3-focused product studio), to learn a little more about what sparked the project, gain some insights for web3 brand leaders like yourself, and celebrate the onchain collection of stunning digital objects.

Let’s get into it. 

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Mojito Brought the Toledo Museum of Art’s Debut Web3 Collection to Market with 10,000 NFTs — and Zero Code

January 18, 2024

Learn how we helped the museum tell an essential cultural story through the power of digital art and community.

Mojito's technology breathes life into dynamic web3 experiences for brands. We simplify the complex backend, allowing the front end to effortlessly focus on the fun stuff – including sticky consumer engagement.

Our recent collaboration with the forward-thinking museum turned this vision into reality. Mojito worked with Toledo's team to orchestrate a digital art experience by Osinachi & Yusuf Lateef. Our community engagement portal enabled Toledo to provide a smooth minting process, hassle-free claims, turnkey community management and reporting for the museum. The result? A powerful drop of 10,000 NFTs.